Sales Services

Key Sales is a dedicated perishable broker focusing on Deli/Bake and Retail Meat product lines. We have a highly trained professional sales staff of 35 full time employees covering more than ten states in the Mid-West.


We primarily focus but not exclusively on all Associated Wholesale Grocers, and Super Valu Midwest as well as Jewel, Central Grocers, Schnuck's, Roundy's Woodman's and other fine retailers. We believe in consistent store coverage and developing strong relationships with independent retailers as the best strategy to build business.

We offer several important retail services that include department resets, training store personnel and full service store order packout and merchandising programs. We can customize coverage needs for manufacturers who have special requirements.

We analyze our Manufacturers sales and those of our Customers to establish trends and objectives that are helpful in building business, understanding categories and sharing the findings throughout our company.

Sales Responsibilities

At Key Sales we represent the interests of both the buyer and seller.

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Our sales personnel consistently cover all the stores in their territories making sure that all our products are in the store, properly priced, in-code and shelved in accordance with the manufacturers' guidelines.

Selling new items, promotions and displays are a critical part of our retail responsibilities as we are all accountable for increasing sales.

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